The Daniel Jackson Foundation

Dear friends new and old, I have something to share with you…..

I have had a unique insight into many lives affected by cancer.

My story stands on its own, but is just one of thousands. The sad reality is that we will all be affected  by cancer within our lifetime.

My fight, my journey, my desire to make what happened to me a beacon of hope for others has been my passion .

If you are reading this now for the first time then maybe stop and read from the beginning, but either way read on as what I have to say, what I aim to create will change lives.

I have laid myself bare in public for one reason. I need to help the next person. The need to help has grown, and as such I have been thinking how to make a real difference for everyone affected by cancer.

I am pleased to announce The Daniel Jackson Foundation  

I see everyday and everywhere research charities asking for support. Billions are raised for these charities, and not one coin is spent on supporting people with cancer now.

This is the aim of my foundation, help anyone affected by cancer piece by piece.

UPDATE 2020.

I had huge support from my family who shared my passion for creating my own Foundation. My model would be tested almost immediately when a dear friend and fellow facial cancer survivor learnt that the cancer had returned. The cancer had spread and we knew this was a one way ride and the only thing of importance was to ensure her daughters financial future whilst creating happy memories until Janine could fight no more.

I created a campaign to raise as much money as possible, it was a team effort with all of her close friends and family arranging fundraisers which included guest appearances from the cast of TOWIE we managed to raise thousands. Sadly after a short and unexpected illness Janine died. It was one of the saddest moments of my life.

I also tried to raise money for a young girl who was battling cancer for the second time in here 6 years of life. I ended up donating every last penny I had to make sure she had a great Christmas.

Throughout all of this I was working a full time job and it soon became clear that in order to make this Foundation work then I would have to make it a full time job, and given the fact I had no money and limited resources to raise more money I took the decision to put my ambition on hold.


  1. Hi there, is there any way to talk to you like skype or fb? my husband might have the same thing you have and i have a lot of questions. please help me. 😥


  2. Hi Daniel, I’m sorry to see everything you’ve gone through but glad to see that you’re making a positive out of a negative. Would the name of your cancer be called adenoid cystic carcinoma as I’m not familiar ethmoid cancer? As a patient navigator for many patients, I’m also curious as to how you support patients through your foundation.


    1. Hi Pascale. My cancer “type” was squamous cell carcinoma. The location was the ethmoid sinus. I have spent a long time thinking of how to make a positive difference to people affected by cancer. I already run a support group for the founding facial cancer charity “let’s face it” and there are so many now that a new support group would not help anyone. What I hope to achieve with my foundation is to give people real help, in a direct way that is unique to them. Now, they don’t have to ask for help, they can be nominated. The way I propose to help is to listen to their needs and help it to happen. Just this week I have set up a funding page for a young mother who has undergone extreme facial surgery for the second time. We also made a contribution to get the ball rolling. The truth is that not everyone needs support through friendships, but every one affected by cancer deserves a helping hand. That’s how I support patients, families and carers.


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