My story told on Really Channel


I have had the pleasure of telling my story for the “Really channel

“Really is a TV channel that seeks out real life stories that amaze. We get under the surface of what makes people tick and the power of real stories about people that inspire, intrigue and surprise. We shine a light on the extraordinary in the most ordinary settings and we curiously examine the everyday of those who live lives that are more extreme.”

Telling my story reaches out to others that have not found the confidence to get support for their personal tragedy.

Since starting this blog almost 3 years ago it has reached a global audience and that in itself is something I take immense pride in. The comments of support I have recieved have been a constant reminder of how important this message is, but I want to go further.

I chose to tell my story for Really TV as their concept was perfect for me and it allows my story to be broadcast on a wide variety of TV channels in the UK which throughout the year will be aired over and over again.

Please share my blog so it grows, if you want to join my closed Facebook group search in Facebook for “lets face it facial cancer and disfigurement friends” A community for people and families affected by facial cancer and disfigurement.

CLICK HERE to view my feature video story

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